UAB Ethics Bowl team in 2019


In addition to teaching and writing, I serve my university and disciplines in various roles, such as:

From 2020-2022, I was on an Academic Cross-Training Fellowship, which relieved me from teaching while I studied neuroscience. Under the mentorship of Dr. Rajesh Kana, I attended lab meetings and audited the courses for UAB’s Behavioral Neuroscience PhD program. That training helped me to further develop cross-disciplinary research and service roles.

Ethics Debate Team

From 2016-2020, I was the coach of UAB’s Ethics Bowl debate team (new coach from 2022 is Dr. Singh). Our Ethics and Bioethics bowl teams have collectively won the national championship several times. In 2019, the Ethics Bowl team came close again, winning 2nd place at the National competition in Baltimore.

PhilPapers Categories

I also edit the following categories at (a database of books and articles in philosophy):